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UBI-2590 LE SMBus

The UBI-2590 LE SMBus (Ultralife part number UBBL38) is a smart rechargeable Lithium ion version of the primary BA-5390A/U battery. It is the highest non-class 9 energy possible in a BB-2590 package.

The UBBL38 contains two independent battery sections which can be connected in either series or parallel.

In 30V 'series mode' the battery operates between 33.6V and 20.0V (28.8V average) and delivers 2.9Ah. In 15V 'parallel mode' the battery operates between 16.8V and 10.0V (14.4V average) and delivers 5.8Ah.

The UBBL38 features dual LCD displays which indicate the absolute state of charge for each section. Ultralife's SmartCircuit technology allows compatible devices and chargers to communicate with the battery via its SMBus v1.1 compliant interface.

The UBBL38 can be used in a wide range of rugged, portable electronics, robotics, AUV / UUB and military communication devices.

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12V/24V Mil Spec Cable for Ultralife 2590 Batteries


24V Cable for Ultralife 2590 Batteries


12V Cable for Ultralife 2590 Batteries


12V/24V Cable for Ultralife 2590 Batteries


Single bay standard charger


XX90 Panel Mount Connector (Rechargeable Only)


Dual USB Power Hub


Smart 2590 Data & Power Cable (Shielded)


Smart 2590 Data & Power Cable (Low Power)


3 to 1 XX90 Power Cable


Ultralife Ruggedised 6 Bay xx90 Smart Charger (EU Power Cord)


Ultralife Ruggedised 2 Bay xx90 Smart Charger (EU Power Cord)


Single bay standard smart charger

Part number: UBBL38
Chemistry: Lithium Ion
Voltage range (30V mode): 33.6V to 20.0V
Voltage range (15V mode): 16.8V to 10.0V
Average voltage (30V mode): 28.8V
Average voltage (15V mode): 14.4V
Capacity (30V mode): 2.9Ah @0.5A @ +23DegC
Capacity (15V mode): 5.8Ah @1.0A @ +23DegC
Energy (nominal): 83.5Wh
Gravimetric energy density: 127Wh/Kg
Volumetric energy density: 202Wh/l
Discharge current (maximum) (30V mode): 4.8A continuous
Discharge current (maximum) (15V mode): 9.6A continuous
Cycle life: >300 cycles
Housing: Hard plastic, black (Noryl N190X-701)
Length (maximum): 112.5mm
Width (maximum): 63.0mm
Height (maximum): 127.0mm
Weight (typical): 0.655Kg
Colour: Black
Connector: Connector SC-C-179495
Operating temperature (charge): -0DegC to +45DegC
Operating temperature (discharge): -32DegC to +60DegC
Storage temperature: -20DegC to +60DegC
Visual state of charge indicator: Dual LCD displays. one for each section - absolute capacity based on design capacity
Communications: SMBus v1.1 communication protocol
Data system: SBD v1.0 data set support
Over charge protection: Yes (4.30V/cell)
Over discharge protection: Yes (2.40V/cell)
Over current protection: Yes (19.0A)
Over temperature protection: Yes (see data sheet)
UN 38.3 (transportation) certified: Yes
Harmonised tariff schedule: 8507.60.0000

◾ Rugged case construction
◾ SmartCircuit Technology - implements SMBus v1.1 smart battery technology
◾ Flexible output voltage
◾ High energy density
◾ Wide operating temperature range
◾ Lightweight

  • ◾ Rugged, portable electronics
  • ◾ Robotics
  • ◾ Military communication devices
Brochure - Ultralife Product Summary Guide Brochure - Ultralife Product Summary Guide - Catalogue of Batteries, Power Systems, Chargers & Cables from Ultralife
UBBL38 Data Sheet UBBL38 Data Sheet
Product 1 - 11 12 - 23  
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UBI-2590 SMBus High Capacity SMBus

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UBI-2590 SMBus

UBBL02-01     View


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UBI-2590 Smart Battery (12V/24V 230Wh)


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