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Brand Image for Ultralife 6.4V 4.5Ah (29Wh) LiFePO4 Battery


Ultralife 6.4V 4.5Ah (29Wh) LiFePO4 Battery

The ULTRALIFE URB6450 is a high-performance 6.4V Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery that offers significant performance advantages over traditional AGM and lead-acid batteries.

Internally, the URB6450 contains twelve LiFePO4 18650 size cells, connected in a 4-series, 3-parallel array to develop 12.8V 4.50Ah (29Wh). An electronic Battery Management System (BMS) provides protection against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, short circuit and over temperature. The BMS also provides a cell balancing function which enhances both safety and performance over the life of the battery.

The URB6450 is a drop-in replacement for AGM / lead-acid batteries in most cases due to its comparable charging voltage of 6.8V to 7.2V and has superior discharge performance in terms of energy delivered across both temperature and rate.

The URB6450 is certified to UN 38.3 (transport) and IEC 62133:2012 (safety). If your application requires the battery to be certified to IEC 62133-2:2017 please contact us.

The URB6450 can replace AGM and Lead Acid batteries in medical devices, UPS, emergency lighting, etc.

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Part number: URB6450
Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Voltage (nominal): 6.4V
Capacity (nominal): 4.5Ah
Energy (nominal): 29Wh
Discharge current (maximum): 9A
Discharge power (maximum): 45W
Internal resistance: <40mO
Length (maximum): 71mm
Width (maximum): 49mm
Height (maximum): 101mm
Weight (typical): 0.36Kg
Colour: Black
Visual state of charge indicator: No
Over charge protection: Yes
Over discharge protection: Yes
Over current protection: Yes
Cell balancing function: Yes
UN 38.3 (transportation) certified: Yes
UL 2054 (safety) certified: No
IEC 62133 (safety) certified?: Yes

◾ Can be properly charged using a 2 phase SLA charger
◾ IEC62133, 2nd edition compliant

  • ◾ Oil/Gas Automation and Measurement
  • ◾ Oil/Gas Production
  • ◾ Automated Gate Operators
  • ◾ Automated Range Target Systems
  • ◾ Commercial Aerator Systems
  • ◾ Commercial Livestock Feeder Systems
  • ◾ Industrial Vehicle/Equipment Starter Applications
  • ◾ Recreational Vehicle Back-up Power Supply
  • ◾ Marine Starter and Auxiliary Power Supply System
  • ◾ Solar Regenerated Back-up Power Supply
  • ◾ Data Center Back-up Power Supply
  • ◾ Scooters / Wheelchairs
  • ◾ Robotics
  • ◾ Medical Carts
  • ◾ UPS Replacement
  • ◾ Solar Battery
  • ◾ Fire & Emergency Vehicles
  • ◾ Heavy Goods Vehicles
  • ◾ Speciality Patrol Vehicles
  • ◾ Floor Cleaning Machines
  • ◾ Gliders
  • ◾ Automated Ticket Machines
URB6450 data sheet Rev C URB6450 data sheet Rev C
LFP Vs SLA - The Lithium Ion Advantage LFP Vs SLA - The Lithium Ion Advantage
MSDS00152 02FEB22 MSDS00152 02FEB22
Brochure - ULTRALIFE LiFePO4 Brochure - ULTRALIFE LiFePO4 - Ultralife Lead Acid Replacement Brochure
Brochure - Ultralife Product Summary Guide Brochure - Ultralife Product Summary Guide - Catalogue of Batteries, Power Systems, Chargers & Cables from Ultralife
URB6450 UN38.3 Test Summary UNTS-0239 18Feb2020 URB6450 UN38.3 Test Summary UNTS-0239 18Feb2020
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