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Brand Image for Ultralife 12.8V 45.6Ah (584Wh) LiFePO4 Smart Battery


Ultralife 12.8V 45.6Ah (584Wh) LiFePO4 Smart Battery

ULTRALIFE’s new URB12450-U1-SMB Lithium Iron Phosphate smart battery offers incredible performance in a wide range of transportable and stationary equipment, including medical carts, delivery robots and UPS systems. The inclusion of Ultralife’s SMART CIRCUIT™ battery management electronics provides the user with accurate runtime information in addition to a balancing and protection system which maximises both safety and performance.

The URB12450-U1-SMB is specifically designed to replace and outperform lead acid batteries in mission critical applications. The tough UL 94V-0 flame retardant polycarbonate case ensures internal cells and electronics are protected at all times and unlike a lead acid battery the URB12450-U1-SMB can be mounted in any direction and does not require charging in a vented area. When used in a cyclic application more than 2000 cycles are possible, making it a truly ‘fit & forget’ proposition for many applications.

The inclusion of Ultralife’s SMART CIRCUIT™ battery management electronics and RJ45 communication port allows host devices to communicate with the battery via SMBus. Important battery information such as Runtime to Empty (minutes), Relative State of Charge (%) and Cycle Count (#) is available making the battery an active part of any host device’s power management system.

The URB12450-U1-SMB is qualified for use with medical cart inverters from Tripp Lite and Ametek Powervar, replacing lead acid batteries or LiFePO4 batteries from Valence Technology, Inventus Power or Power-Sonic.

As safety is paramount, the URB12450-U1-SMB is internally protected against over-charge, over-discharge, over-current and over-temperature while a cell balancing system ensures the internal battery cells operate in unison, promoting a higher degree of safety, longer runtime per cycle and more cycles over life.

The URB12450-U1-SMB can be continuously discharged at currents up to 20A and pulsed at currents up to 100A making it ideal for high power motor driven applications. Regulatory compliance is assured as the URB12450-U1-SMB meets the requirements of ST/SG/AC.10.11 section 38.3 (transportation) and is certified to IEC 62133-2:2017 (safety). This means it can be easily incorporated into medical equipment certified to IEC 60601-1.

OEMs can rest assured that the URB12450-U1-SMB meets the most stringent quality standards as its manufactured in the USA at Ultralife’s NY plant. The facility holds both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 registration.

◾ Tripp Lite: HC150SL, HCINT150SL, HC150ATD
◾ Ametek Powervar: ABCE150-11M2, ABCE150-22M2

◾ Valence technology: U1-12RT, U1-12RJ
◾ Inventus Power: U1-40
◾ Power-Sonic: PSL-12450

(Note 1) Some legacy medical inverter systems may require a firmware update to fully utilize battery fuel gauging.
(Note 2) When used in other, non-medical inverter systems please contact Ultralife for compatibility advice.

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Ultralife Wiring Harness for URB12450-U1-SMB

Part number: URB12450-U1-SMB
Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate
Cell Quantity: 48
Cell Array (Series / Parallel): 4S/12P
Voltage (range): 10.0V to 14.6V
Voltage (nominal): 12.8V
Capacity (nominal): 45.6Ah
Energy (nominal): 584Wh
Gravimetric energy density: xxWh/Kg
Volumetric energy density: xxWh/l
Discharge current (maximum): 20A
Discharge power (maximum): 200W
Pulse capability: 100A (<31ms)
Internal resistance: <35mO
Self Discharge: <5% per month
Cycle life: >2000
Housing: Hard plastic (polycarbonate)
Length (nominal): 208.5
Width (nominal): 136.4
Height (nominal): 182.1
Weight (typical): 5.44Kg
Colour: Black (case) and Blue (top)
Terminals: 1/4-20 screw terminals
Operating temperature (charge): 0DegC to +45DegC
Operating temperature (discharge): -20DegC to +60DegC
Storage temperature: -40DegC to +60DegC
Visual state of charge indicator: No
Communications: SMBus
Data system: SBS
Over charge protection: Yes
Over discharge protection: Yes
Over current protection: Yes
Over temperature protection: Yes
Cell balancing function: Yes
UN 38.3 (transportation) certified: Yes
IEC 62133 (safety) certified?: Yes

◾ Compatible with medical cart inverters from Tripp Lite and Ametek Powervar
◾ Uniform voltage during discharge
◾ No need for trickle charging to retain charge
◾ Significantly lighter that SLA batteries with the same energy
◾ Does not become gaseous during use
◾ Stable voltage over a wide temperature range
◾ Can be properly charged using a 2 phase SLA charger
◾ IEC 62133-2:2017 compliant
◾ SMBus communication interface

  • ◾ Medical carts
  • ◾ Scooters / wheelchairs
  • ◾ UPS battery replacement
  • ◾ Solar power battery
  • ◾ Robotics & motor bots
URB12450-U1-SMB data sheet Rev B URB12450-U1-SMB data sheet Rev B
URB12450-U1-SMB Sell Sheet URB12450-U1-SMB Sell Sheet
LFP Vs SLA - The Lithium Ion Advantage LFP Vs SLA - The Lithium Ion Advantage
MSDS00152 02FEB22 MSDS00152 02FEB22
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Infographic - URB12450-U1-SMB Infographic - URB12450-U1-SMB - The new Ultralife URB12450-U1-SMB battery is the prime candidate to power carts and workstations!
Product 1 - 11 12 - 23  
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