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Accutronics - An Ultralife Company
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Ultralife - Power Systems

Ultralife designs power systems for reliable operation and ease of use and provides turnkey design solutions that help save energy, reduce noise pollution, and harness alternate energy sources. 

Ultralife Power Systems
Reliable power in unreliable places, with the Ultralife GenSet Eliminator - quiet/silent operation mode;  scalable energy capacity from 10KWh to 50KWh; compatible with modern commercial and military generators;  plug-and-play Integration with set-up in Less than 20 minutes
Ultralife UKT0011 - 12 position UPS Kit
a portable power system that will deliver primary 24 to 33VDC power through shore power while charging the battery box or while keeping the battery box at full charge. 
Ultralife URS0007-01 - Portable AC Power System URS0010 - INTELLIGENT POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM
The genesis of the URB0012 battery and URS0010 power system is based on feedback from Scott Clark Medical, a leading medical cart manufacturer who provided the initial design and product concept to Ultralife. Collectively Ultralife and Scott Clark developed and implemented an efficient lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery design and intelligent power supply system that includes many features to increase work-flow and user-friendliness

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