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Robotics - power failure is not an option

The rise of artificial intelligence and robotics is changing our lives in ways that few could previously imagine. There is a seemingly limitless demand for specialised robots designed to perform specific (often repetitive or dangerous) tasks extremely efficiently; in all manner of places from warehouses and hospitals to hotels and homes.

The majority of these robots are required to be autonomous and free from an AC supply and, as such, they must rely wholly on batteries for their source of power.

To meet this need, both Accutronics and our parent company Ultralife have created a range of professional rechargeable batteries designed to meet the emerging needs of robot manufacturers worldwide.

All of our robotics batteries utilise rechargeable lithium chemistry of various formulations:

For those who need the highest energy density, our Lithium-ion 2590, VR and CMX battery ranges provide both power and energy in compact packages

When service life is critical, but space is at less of a premium, our Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) series provide rugged, dependable power

As safety is paramount, all of our batteries are designed and assembled to the highest levels of quality at three manufacturing plants in the USA, UK and China (all of which are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accredited). Our rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries include integrated protection against all forms of reasonable foreseeable misuse. Plus, with the added protection against preventable cell imbalance, users will realize maximised energy delivery per cycle and full life of the product. Select models include enhanced smart battery features that go beyond traditional fuel gauging - our smart batteries work in harmony with a smart charger and the host robot to ensure power is delivered safely and efficiently.

If you’re unable to find a standard battery that fits, we can develop a custom battery solution tailored to meet the needs of your application. Mechanical and electronic design are coupled with the optimal cell array before being certified to international standards for performance, transportation and safety.

For more information on how we serve the robotics industry, please contact us to discuss your next project.