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Accutronics - An Ultralife Company
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Accutronics Products and Solutions

Ultralife batteries, chargers & cells

Accutronics is a leading independent battery pack and charger design, development and manufacturing company for high performance portable and handheld electronics devices, specialising in the development and manufacture of  'Smart Batteries'.

Whatever your development budget and timescales, Accutronics can deliver a power solution to give your device a competitive advantage.

Our broad portfolio allows you to

Choose a bespoke battery developed through our Accupro® custom battery design and manufacturing service.

Select a standard solution from the Inspired Energy standard smart batteries, chargers & accessories

Specify a product from our new Entellion® range of pre-engineered battery solutions.

To arrange a consultation about any of our products please contact our Sales and Customer Service team on +44 (0) 1782 566688 or email sales@accutronics.co.uk or 

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