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Inspired Energy NF2040 & NF3040 Batteries

The NF2040 and NF3040 are 10.8V Lithium Ion Standard Smart Batteries from Inspired Energy. There are currently three models available, each with a different combination of Ampere-Hour capacity and discharge current / power capabiliy and regulatory certification.

  • NF2040 batteries are optimised for energy - i.e. long runtime at low to medium discharge current/power.
  • NF3040 batteries are optimised for power - i.e. shorter runtime but capable of discharging at higher levels of current/power.  

The list below provides the main specification details, click on a model number to go to the dedicated model page, download full technical information, view compatible chargers / accessories and purchase your battery on-line.


NF2040 & NF3040 batteries contain six Lithium Ion 18650 sized cells in a 3-series, 2-parallel format. The embedded electronic fuel gauge features 'impedance tracking' technology which provides highly accurate state of charge prediction. The fuel gauge electronics also provide a protection function, preventing the battery from being over-charged, over-discharged, over-loaded or short circuited. The NF2040 & NF3040 also include a redundant over-charge protection circuit for additional safety. The NF2040 & NF3040 are fully SMBus (System management Bus) and SBS (Smart Battery System) compliant which means they are simple to integrate into your product.

NF2040 & NF3040 batteries meet all current transportation testing regulations, are FCC / CE marked and are RoHS2 and REACH compliant.

Product Lineup

  • NF2040HD34 - 6.8Ah model with 6.0A discharge capability
  • NF2040QE34 - 6.8Ah model with 6.0A discharge capability and UL/IEC 62133 certification
  • NF3040HD26 - 5.2Ah model with 12.0A discharge capability


The NF2040 NF3040 can be customised to suit a particular OEM need. Labelling, software, regulatory approval and packaging can all be modified. Please read about customisation here or download our Inspired Energy Brochure.

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