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Inspired Energy ND2053

The ND2053 is a 3.6V Lithium Ion Standard Smart Battery from the Inspired Energy N205 series. A single model is currently available. The table below provides the main specification details, click on the model number to go to the dedicated model page where you can download full technical information, view compatible chargers / accessories and purchase your battery on-line.

ND2053 batteries contain four Lithium Ion 18650 sized cells in a 1-series, 4-parallel format. The embedded electronic fuel gauge features 'impedance tracking' technology which provides highly accurate state of charge prediction. The fuel gauge electronics also provide a protection function, preventing the battery from being over-charged, over-discharged, over-loaded or short circuited. The ND2053 also includes a redundant over-charge protection circuit for additional safety. The ND2053 is fully SMBus (System management Bus) and SBS (Smart Battery System) compliant which means it is simple to integrate the ND2053 into your electronic device design.

ND2053 batteries meet all current transportation testing regulations, are FCC / CE marked and are RoHS2 and REACH compliant.

Product Lineup

  • ND2053ED34 - 13.6Ah model with 10.0A / 24.0W discharge capability


The ND2053 can be customised to suit a particular OEM need. Labelling, software, regulatory approval and packaging can all be modified. Please read about customisation here or download our Inspired Energy Brochure

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