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NJ1020HP for Phillips M3 and M4 monitors

NJ1020HP for Phillips M3 and M4 monitors

The Inspired Energy NJ1020HP is one of our most popular standard smart batteries and is used worldwide in Phillips M3 and M4 patient monitors (the battery is also known by the part numbers M3046A, 1420-0551 or M3046-61302). Today I thought I would give you some more information on this fantastic product and tell you more about the power behind it.

First, the power source:

The NJ1020HP contains ten Nickel Metal Hydride 4/3 cells – these provide excellent service life for important applications such as patient monitors. Each cell is rated at 1.2V and 3.8Ah (Ampere Hours). When ten are connected together in series they make a 12V 3.8Ah battery. As battery safety is paramount the battery also contains three passive safety devices to ensure it can never be over charged or over loaded – the NJ1020HP is a VERY safe product.

Second, the electronics:

The NJ1020HP is a ‘smart battery’ – this means that is contains electronic circuitry which constantly monitors the charge and discharge activity of the battery and uses this to accurately report the state of charge to the Phillips monitor. The NJ1020HP also has a four bar LED display which presents the battery capacity in 25% increments when you push the button on the top of the battery.

Third – The case and connector:

The NJ1020HP has a tough, flame retardant plastic casing which ensures no harm comes to either the cells or electronics. The 5-way connector on the end of the battery is a genuine part from Tyco and allows the battery to charge, discharge and communicate with the Philips M3 or M4 monitor.

Need a charger? Many of our customers find that our CH5000 (single bay) and CH5050 (dual bay) desktop charger / calibrators are the perfect companion to the NJ1020HP – these chargers allow the batteries to be charged away from the patient monitor and the calibrating function allows the electronic fuel gauge to be calibrated, bringing it back in line with the performance of the cells. This function would normally be performed by the medical engineering department in a hospital when the monitor goes down for its annual service. I have visited medical engineering departments here in the UK and they find these charger/calibrators invaluable.


If you need more information on our NJ1020HP then click here, you can purchase up to 23 batteries online or request a quote if you want more, or simply contact Customer Service on 01782 566688 or sales@accutronics.co.uk and we'll be glad to help.

Latest News & Development

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