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Intelligent Power Vault (IPV)

The Intelligent Power Vault is a hot-swappable multi-battery power source that incorporates the latest Lithium Ion smart battery technology, intelligent charging circuitry and efficient regulated power control in a high energy, rechargeable battery system that is easily designed into professional transportable & power backup devices across medical and industrial markets.

The innovative use of modular VR420A ‘cartridge’ batteries allows for simple fitting and removal. 'Hot swapping' is also possible for when runtime on batteries needs to be extended. Available in configurations accepting two, four, six or eight batteries and storing up to 714Wh, the Intelligent Power Vault is the ideal rechargeable source for mission critical devices.

Transportation: A Simple Solution

International regulations impose restrictions on the transportation of Lithium Ion batteries, with additional restrictions imposed on those capable of storing >100Wh. These additional restrictions increase both shipping time and cost. A >100Wh lithium Ion battery must be consigned as class 9 dangerous goods, regardless of whether it is packed alone, packed with, or contained within equipment. The shipper must also be dangerous goods certified, which adds further complexity throughout the supply chain.

The Intelligent Power Vault solves the transportation problem - it is simple to ship across various modes of transport because its Lithium Ion batteries are <100Wh, modular and removable. For example, when shipping by air, the Intelligent Power Vault is classed as 'equipment' and can be packed along with its VR420A batteries (and up to two spares) under section II of packing instruction 966 (UN3481). A shipper's declaration of dangerous goods is not required and the shipper needs only limited training.


At the heart of the Intelligent Power Vault is the Entellion ‘VR420A’, a compact, rechargeable Lithium Ion smart battery that has been specifically designed with energy density, functionality and safety in mind. Each VR420A is SMBus and SBS Rev 1.1 compliant and meets the requirements of ST/SG/AC.10.11 Rev5 (transportation), UL 2054 and IEC 62133 (safety).

Each installed VR420A battery communicates with the smart charging circuitry and control module inside the Intelligent Power Vault, requesting voltage and current when charging is required and providing runtime information when being discharged.

The Intelligent Power Vault manages the charge and discharge of up to eight VR420A batteries, ensuring safe and efficient operation at all times. The VR420A features a push button activated 5-Bar LED visual state of charge indicator, that allows the user to easily distinguish between charged and discharged batteries when they are separated from the Intelligent Power Vault.

VR420A is rated at 14.4V and has a capacity of 6.2Ah (89.3Wh), This 6.2A capable version provides the longest runtime and is suitable for applications with lower ambient temperatures.

Output Options

When external DC is supplied to the Intelligent Power Vault this is passed through to the output, with excess energy used to charge the batteries. When the external supply is removed or fails, the Intelligent Power Vault instantly draws power from the batteries and passes it to the output, either as raw battery power or as a regulated supply.


The Intelligent Power Vault has a gravimetric energy density two and a half times greater than that of lead acid batteries - this makes it the ideal choice for transportable applications, where the weight of lead acid batteries makes equipment difficult to move.

Mounting Options

The Intelligent Power Vault can be mounted in any direction, with mounting brackets available for screw fixing. Special brackets for mounting in a 19” rack are available for a unit configured with eight batteries (IPV08).


The Intelligent Power Vault and VR420A batteries can be specially customised to suit a particular customer requirement. Customisation includes labelling, programming, regulatory approval and mounting options.

Communication and Control

The Intelligent Power Vault control module provides numerous options for communication with a host device.

I²C slave and USB interfaces allow host systems to obtain important information such as manufacturer name, part number, design capacity, serial number, input raw voltage, raw current, regulated voltage, regulated current, relative state of charge, remaining capacity, full charge capacity, runtime to empty, runtime to full, system population and alarm status.

Three LEDs on the front of the Intelligent Power Vault control module show if external DC is present, if the system is in standby or active modes, if the batteries are being charged or if they are being discharged.

An 'always on' 5V (180mA max) supply is available via the communication and control connector. This supply is available in both standby and active modes and allows you to feed power to your equipment, in order for you to make a software startup of your system.

The Intelligent Power Vault provides an open drain output and an open relay contact which are activated when a low capacity alarm or a general alarm is broadcast. These useful outputs can be used to drive external circuitry if required.

Power Supply

The Intelligent Power Vault requires an external 19V to 26V DC supply. This supply is passed through to power host equipment with excess energy being used to charge the VR420A batteries. The rating of the supply depends on the power requirements of the output, the number of VR420A batteries installed and the desired charge time. Please contact us to discuss these requirements.

Regulatory Approval

The Intelligent Power Vault is certified to UL/IEC 60950-1 (safety). Each VR420A battery is SMBus and SBS Rev1.1 compliant and meets the requirements of UN ST/SG/AC.10.11 Rev5 (transportation), UL2054 and IEC 62133 (safety).

Software / Application Support

Demonstration software is available to get you communicating with the Intelligent Power Vault quickly and easily. Our application support enables you to design your own applications with minimal effort. 

Typical Applications

  • Automated laboratory equipment
  • Dental scanning
  • Acute ventilators
  • Anaesthesia workstations
  • Embedded computing devices
  • Medical workstations
  • Patient monitoring systems
  • In Flight Entertainment Wi-Fi
  • Organ Transportation

Technical Specifications

Find Out More

To find out more about the Intelligent Power Vault, please contact us to discuss your requirements. You can also download the latest Intelligent Power Vault brochure by clicking here.


Intelligent Power Vault is a European Community registered trade mark of Accutronics Ltd.
The intelligent Power Vault is a registered design (Reg No. 002311787-0001).

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