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Inspired Energy CR12 Series Rack Mount Chargers

For those who need to charge a large quantity of batteries that the same time we can now offer the Inspired Energy range of 'CR12' series rack mountable chargers.

Each rack can charge up to 12 Inspired Energy batteries at the same time which minimises battery and device downtime. CR12 series rack chargers can be mounted into a 19" rack or into a ruggedised case for field use. The CR12 series charger do not come with a power supply, instead customers are recommended to specify a 24VDC rack mounted supply from Meanwell or similar.

CR12 series chargers must be selected depending on the battery being charged. Please refer to the table below to select the correct charger for your battery type. Click on the relevant CR12 part number to go to the dedicated product page for that charger.


Battery Model CR12 Part Number
NL2050 / NL2054 / NH2054 / NH2057 CR12H205
ND2053 / ND2054 / ND2057 CR12D205
NL2044 / Ni2040 / NF2040 / NF2047 CR12i204
NC2040 CR12C204
NF2030 / ND2034 / ND2037 CR12F203
NB2037 CR12B203
Ni2020 / NJ12020 CR12i202
NC2560 / N2017 / NL2020 / NL2024 / Ni1030 / P-Series Not currently supported

Each CR12 charger is designed to fit into a standard 19" rack (DIN41494) and weighs just 3.6Kg.

Multi-Bay Charging System Specification Summary
Weight 3.6Kg
Height 113.4mm (3U)
Length 266.7mm
Width 482.6mm (Std 19" rack / DIN41494)
LED Display Green Flashing: Charging in Process
Green Solid: Fully Charged
Power Supply

Not included. 24VDC, 750W required
Recommendation 1: Meanwell RCP-1UI rack chassis + up to 3 x RCP-1000-24-1kW, power supplies for up to three CR12 rack units

Recommendation 2: Meanwell RKP-1UI rack chassis + up to 3 x RCP-2000-24-2kW, power supplies for up to six CR12 rack units

CR12 rack chargers can be put directly into cabinets or into flight cases as shown in the examples below. Please note that CR12 racks are built to order - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Example: Three CR12H205 units installed in a flight case

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