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  • What is energy density?

    Energy density is the amount of stored energy for a given volume measured in Watt-Hours per Litre (Wh/l) or or for a given volume measured in Watt-Hours per Kilo (Wh/Kg).

    Wh/l is referred to as volumetric energy density.

    Wh/Kg is referred to as gravimetric energy density.

  • As an OEM, Are there battery user notes I can give to end customers?

    Yes, click here to see a pre-prepared list.

  • What is Lithium Iron Phosphate?

    Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) is a cell technology that offers high discharge capability and long cycle life. Cells have a lower running voltage (3.3V) than other Lithium ion cells (3.6-3.8V) but the technology is capable of high (~30C) discharge. The technology is used in many HEV applications due to its long cycle life. Although excellent at high discharge rates, its low energy density (versus Cobalt cathode cells) make it a poor choice for portable electronic devices where capacity is more important than cycle life or rate capability. A123 pionered the technology with its 18650 and 26650 cell models but the technology is now more widely available.