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Accutronics - An Ultralife Company
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Defence & Security - Powering the Mission

In the critical arena of defence and security markets, Accutronics excels in delivering safe, lightweight, ruggedised, high energy power solutions for a wide range of systems - such as man portable communications, covert airfield-landing lights, night vision goggles, rugged portable computers and server back-up; providing high performance and reliable power for the harshest of environments.

Defence contractors, OEMs and leading design houses trust Accutronics to think beyond conventional wisdom and produce a solution that will increase end-user benefit, with features such as lightweight Lithium-ion technology, smart battery functionality, ruggedised environmental proof design, integrated charge control and multi-level redundant protection.

Accutronics know that the qualification of military products is of paramount importance and we manage this process in a methodical, timely manner to ensure the battery meets all specifications.

Our in house team of electronic and mechanical design engineers utilise the latest design techniques to ensure that our customers receive the most appropriate, cost effective and timely power solution for their demanding needs.

Whatever your development budget and timescales, Accutronics can provide a service to suit and deliver the solution:

Accupro - Custom Battery & Charger Design

Entellion – Smart, Innovative Portable Power Products

Inspired Energy - Standard Smart Batteries, Charges & Accessories

If you have a battery project please complete our Enquiry Form, send us an email at sales@accutronics.co.uk or contact us by telephone on +44 (0) 1782 566688.

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