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Accutronics - An Ultralife Company
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Customer Service

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'Whole Life' Service

Accutronics' service goes beyond delivering a great product you can rely upon. We provide technical assistance long after the product has been shipped. We understand that customers in professional markets have product life cycles measured in years or even decades. We therefore advise you on possible upgrades to your battery in order to improve performance or reduce cost whilst minimising risk.

Accutronics quoted prices include for a high level of technical and engineering support, not only during the battery design and development phase but also throughout the years of series production.

Accutronics are the preferred battery & charger supplier to several of the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers. We are very familiar with the level of technical support required and we continue to provide that support to our customers throughout the product life cycle. This can include upgrading battery products in future years to meet customer’s latest requirements, responding to new legislation etc.


Customer relationships

We are committed to developing strategic long term partnerships with our OEM customers. Through regular customer development meetings and technical reviews we aim to drive continuous improvement in our overall service and keep the customer up to date with new technologies.

Our design, development and production activities are all carried out by Accutronics employed engineers working at the same location in the UK Midlands, which is a low-cost European location with excellent access to Universities and skilled industrial/technical workforce. This single-site facility also ensures a smooth transition from battery development to production. It also guarantees total accountability from one battery company and location.

Through working closely with our customers we have developed customer specific services that include:


Vendor managed inventory

Improves customers' cash flow

Enables customers to react quickly to volatile market demand

Supplier Management

  • Forecasting and planning to ensure continuity of supply

  • Lowest prices

  • Just in time product delivery

Customised packaging

  • Flexible shipping and ordering options

  • Achieving a 99.95% on time delivery worldwide


Personal Service

Our experienced account managers, project managers and technical staff work closely with you throughout each phase of the project priding themselves on delivering against your needs. Our customer service team offer prompt reliable response to technical and delivery queries. We strive to become an extension of your team. 

During development, we assign a Project Manager (a full-time Accutronics employee) to your project that is responsible for delivering the work on time and budget. We create, maintain and share with you a detailed project plan for the battery development. Regular project progress meetings will be held with you, and the Accutronics engineers assigned to your project are available on these meetings and/or conference calls whenever needed.

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