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Brand Image for 12 Bay Rack Mounted Charger for NC2040


12 Bay Rack Mounted Charger for NC2040

The CR12C204 is a 19" rack mountable unit containing 12 independent quick chargers for NC2040 batteries.

Unlike other multi-bay charging systems, the CR12C204 smart charger will charge all the batteries at the same time, thus reducing the cycle time for multi-battery applications.

The modular design allows multiple 12-bay rack units to be stacked to provide charging for any quantity of battery packs.

A 24VDC power supply (not included) can then be specified to suit the quantity of CR12 charger units required. Note that the CR12 is not designed to be used with non-Inspired Energy batteries.

We recommend the use of Meanwell rack mounted power Supplies for the CR12C204. The Meanwell RCP-1UI rack chassis is suitable to hold up to three RCP-1000-24-1kW, 24VDC supplies to power up to three CR12 rack chargers. For more recharging capability the Meanwell RKP-1UI rack chassis can hold up to three RKP-2000-24-2kW, 24VDC power supplies to power up to six CR12 rack chargers (simultaneous charging of up to 72 batteries)

Flight cases such as the 4U Gator cases are recommended if you wish to create a self-contained portable system.

The CR12C204 is a special order item and is not held in stock. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

Available to Order

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CR12C204 £1,726.16 £1,595.48

No Related accessories found for the CR12C204 12 Bay Rack Mounted Charger for NC2040.

Length: 266.7mm (nominal)
Width: 482.6mm (nominal)
Height: 133.4mm (nominal)
Weight (including accessories if supplied): 3.6Kg (typical)
Calibrating feature included?: No
DC Input: 24V
90-260VAC to 24VDC Desktop Power Supply included?: No
Mains cord included?: No
Can be powered from a cigarette lighter socket?: No
Instruction manual included?: No

◾ Charges up to 12 batteries at the same time
◾ 19" Rack mountable

  • ◾ Charging in high useage applications (eg automotive plants)
  • ◾ Field Applications
CR12 Instructions CR12 Instructions

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