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Brand Image for Belt Holster for NC2040 (2-wire coiled cable, no connector)


Belt Holster for NC2040 (2-wire coiled cable, no connector)

The MP20402 consists of a tough lexan case with a spring steel belt clip. The NC2040 battery slides into to the top of the holster allowing easy viewing of the LCD display on the battery. The output from the battery is fed via a two-wire coiled cable which can extend to 1.5m. The end of the cable is not terminated, allowing customers to fit their own connector. The MP20402 can be worn on a belt or clipped to other accessories.

Please note that the MP20402 does not include a built-in charger. The battery must be removed from the unit for charging. A CH4000X, CH5000X or CH7000X are recommended for external charging. Alternatively the MC20402A, MC20402E or MC20402U models include an integrated charger.

Battery positive and battery negative are available at the end of the cable. Data, Clock and Thermistor connections are not available. If you need access to the battery communication interface then please consider the MP20403.

What is included?

◾ Belt holster with 2-wire coiled cable (un-terminated)

What is not included?

◾ NC2040 battery

Stock Available

Product 1 - 11 12 - 23 > 23 Qty
MP20402 £41.12 £31.31
Product 1 - 11 12 - 23  
NC2040HD29 £85.28 £85.28 Add

10.8V 2.9Ah (31.3Wh) Lithium Ion Battery (<3.0A capable)

NC2040HD34 £82.94 £82.94 Add

10.8V 3.4Ah (36.7Wh) Lithium Ion Battery (<4.0A capable)

Colour: Black
Length: 119mm (typical)
Width: 81mm (typical)
Height: 37mm (typical)
Weight: 0.214Kg

◾ Tough Lexan case
◾ Integrated cable
◾ Battery LCD is visible
◾ Lightweight

  • ◾ Pen tablet computers
  • ◾ Portable lighting systems
  • ◾ Ruggedized computers
  • ◾ Military and commercial avionics
  • ◾ Industrial data loggers
  • ◾ Personal cooling / heating systems
  • ◾ Wearable computers
  • ◾ Industrial test & measurement systems
Accutronics Inspired Energy Brochure Accutronics Inspired Energy Brochure - Inspired Energy Standard Smart Batteries, Chargers & Accessories
Inspired Energy REACH & RoHS Declaration June 2020 Inspired Energy REACH & RoHS Declaration June 2020
Product 1 - 11 12 - 23  
MP20401 £44.27 £34.88 View

Belt Holster for NC2040 (2-wire coiled cable, 5.5x2.5mm connector)

MP20403 £41.12 £31.31 View

Belt Holster for NC2040 (5-wire straight cable, no connector)


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