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Ideal Diode PCBA for N-Series batteries

The EB397 is an 'ideal diode' board which facilitates parallel discharging of multiple N-Series Inspired Energy batteries. The ideal diode prevents batteries with a higher potential from charging those with a potential and minimises losses in the circuit. One EB397 is required per battery and connectors for the batteries must be purchased separately.

Please read the technical specification for this product to fully understand its capabilities and limitations. The technical specification can be accessed by clicking the 'downloads' tab below.

Stock Available

Product 1 - 11 12 - 23 > 23 Qty
EB397 £12.70 £11.51
Product 1 - 11 12 - 23  
610005 £5.86 £5.86 Add

Tyco 5787446-1 connector for N-Series batteries

610007 £7.18 £7.18 Add

Tyco 5787422-1 connector for N-Series batteries

610018 £5.80 £5.80 Add

Tyco 5787428-1 connector for N-Series batteries

Length: 69.85mm (typical)
Width: 20.32mm (typical)
Weight: 0.03Kg

◾ Allows parallel connection of multiple Inspired Energy N-Series smart batteries.

  • ◾ The EB397A works with any Inspired Energy N-Series Lithium ion smart battery.
EB397 technical specification EB397 technical specification
Inspired Energy REACH & RoHS Declaration Jan 2021 Inspired Energy REACH & RoHS Declaration Jan 2021
Brochure - Inspired Energy Brochure - Inspired Energy - Inspired Energy Standard Smart Batteries, Chargers & Accessories

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