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Five wire straight cable for N202/N302 series batteries

Status: 'Active'

The 629010 comprises a 5 way keyed Tyco smart battery connector with an integrated moulded lead. The lead contains five conductors for battery positive, battery negative, data, clock and thermistor connections.

The lead length is approximately 1000mm. The lead is compatible with Inspired Energy batteries that have a protruding connector block (NI2020, NI3020, NL2020 and NL2024 only). The end of the lead is not terminated. Customers must terminate the lead with a suitable connector of their choice.

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629010 £23.31 £23.31

No Related accessories found for the 629010 Five wire straight cable for N202/N302 series batteries.

Length:1000mm (typical)
Width:19.33mm (typical)
Height:17.45mm (typical)
Thermistor:24AWG (brown)
Positive:18AWG (red)
Negative:18AWG (black)
Data:24AWG (green)
Clock:24WG (white)

◾ 1 metre length
◾ Contains five conductors, allowing access to battery positive, negative, data, clock and T pins
◾ Moulded shroud with strain relief

  • ◾ The 629010 works with NI2020, NI3020, NL2020 and NL2024 Inspired Energy standard smart batteries.
Inspired Energy REACH & ROHS Declaration (Dec19)Inspired Energy REACH & ROHS Declaration (Dec19)
629010 mechanical drawing629010 mechanical drawing
Accutronics Inspired Energy BrochureAccutronics Inspired Energy Brochure - Inspired Energy Standard Smart Batteries, Chargers & Accessories
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Two wire coiled cable for N202/N302 series batteries


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