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Brand Image for Replacement Power Supply for CX3050/CX6100 Charger


Replacement Power Supply for CX3050/CX6100 Charger

Status: 'Active'

The EPU001 is a replacement power supply for the CX3050 or CX6100 charger. Note that these chargers are supplied with this power supply as standard and does not need to be purchased unless a replacement unit is required.

The EPU001 power supply is a 100-240VAC wall mount power supply which provides power to the desktop charger unit.

Interchangeable AC blades allow us in the UK, Europe, North America, Australia and China.

Stock Available

Product   Sample Quantities Production Quantities Qty
EPU001   £19.99

No Related accessories found for the EPU001 Replacement Power Supply for CX3050/CX6100 Charger.

Length: 74.0mm (nominal)
Width: 43.5mm (nominal)
Height: 35.3mm (nominal)
Weight (including accessories if supplied): xx.xxKg (typical)
100-250VAC to 6VDC Wall Mount Power Supply Included?: Yes
Instruction manual included?: No

100-240VAC Input
6V 18W output
AC blades for UK, Europe, North America, Australia and China

  • The EPU001 works with the CX3050 or CX6100 charger.

No alternatives identified.


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