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Desktop charger for credit card batteries

The CX6100 is a slimline desktop charger for CC2300 and CC3800 credit card batteries. The CX6100 complements the range of Entellion credit card batteries and allows user to charge their batteries separate from their portable devices.

The CX6100 is supplied with a 100-240VAC wall mount power supply which provides power to the desktop charger unit. The CX6100 charges a CC2300 battery in around 4 hours and a CC3800 in around 6 hours. LEDs provide indication for 'power', 'charging', 'fully charged' and 'fault' conditions.

Interchangeable AC blades allow use in the UK, Europe, North America, Australia and China. OEMs can quickly and easily specify the CX6100 charger along with either the CC2300 or CC3800 credit card batteries as they are pre-qualified. The CX6100 is certified to UL60950-1 / IEC60950-1 and is CE marked. The CX6100 can be customised to suit the needs of OEMs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Available to Order

Product   Sample Quantities Production Quantities Qty
CX6100   £65.55
Product 1 - 11 12 - 23  
CC2300 £32.50  

3.7V 2.3Ah (8.5Wh) LiIon credit card battery (2.0A capable)

CC3800 £35.38  

3.7V 3.8Ah (14.1Wh) LiIon credit card battery (2.0A capable)

EPU001 £19.99   Add

Replacement Power Supply for CX3050/CX6100 Charger

Length:134.00mm (nominal)
Width:74.00mm (nominal)
Height:25.00mm (nominal)
Weight (including accessories if supplied):<0.3Kg (typical)
Calibrating feature included?:No
DC Input:6V
100-250VAC to 6VDC Wall Mount Power Supply Included?:Yes
Can be powered from a cigarette lighter socket?:No
Instruction manual included?:Yes

Single bay charger.
Supplied with wall mount power supply.
Interchangeable AC blades for use in UK, USA, Europe, Australia and China.
LED indicators for power, charging, charged and fault.

  • The CX6100 works with all Entellion credit card batteries (CC2300, CC2300HDQ, CC3800, CC3800HDQ)
Brochure - Entellion Credit Card BatteryBrochure - Entellion Credit Card Battery - Entellion Credit Card Batteries
CX6100 data sheet 180914CX6100 data sheet 180914
CX6100 User Manual Issue B 092014CX6100 User Manual Issue B 092014

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