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Brand Image for 28.8V 3.2Ah (92.2Wh) Lithium Ion Battery (15A capable)


28.8V 3.2Ah (92.2Wh) Lithium Ion Battery (15A capable)

The CMX820P is a high power 28.8V 3.2Ah Lithium Ion Smart battery with a stored energy of 92.2Wh. It is designed to meet the demanding needs of medical device manufacturers and comes equipped with a level of technology and regulatory compliance that will provide the next generation of medical devices with a real competitive edge.

The latest Nickel-Manganese-Colbalt Lithium ion cell technology within the CMX820P allows it to discharge continuously at up to 15A (or 330W continuous) making it ideal for high power transportable devices - either as a primary power source or as a redundant backup supply.

The industry standard smart battery interface on the CMX820P allows a host medical device to ascertain pertinent information such as state-of-charge, remaining runtime, cycle count and serial number, all of which allow the device to provide useful real-time data to the user.

When connected to a compatible smart charger the CMX820P communicates its charging voltage and current requirements which are then provided by the charger - this system increases both safety and battery lifetime as the battery remains in control of its charging regime.

A clear 5-bar LCD display on the rear of the battery provides a quick visual capacity reference for the user so they can decide which batteries need charging and which can be used.

The CMX820P meets the requirements of IEC 62133:2012 (Safety), UL 62133 (Safety) and UN 38.3 (transportation). If your application requires the battery to be certified to IEC 62133-2:2017 please contact us.

The CMX820P ships with Entellion branding, white casing and a standard software set-up. All of these can be customised to suit a particular OEM requirement - please contact us to discuss.

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Product       Qty
CMX820P   £215.57
Product 1 - 11 12 - 23  
50ABB002 £256.50 £185.31

Embeddable Single Channel Charger for CMX series batteries

EVAL007A £38.34  

CMX Series battery bench test PCB

EVAL009 £252.50   Add

Texas Instruments EV2300 Evaluation Module

Part number: CMX820P
Chemistry: Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Cell Quantity: 16
Cell Array (Series / Parallel): 8S/2P
Voltage (nominal): 28.8V
Capacity (nominal): 3.2Ah
Energy (nominal): 92.2Wh
Discharge current (maximum): 15.0A
Discharge power (maximum): 330.0W
Length (maximum): 171.0mm
Width (maximum): 85.5mm
Height (maximum): 48.5mm
Recommended cavity cross section: Contact us
Weight (typical): 0.88Kg
Colour: White
Visual state of charge indicator: Yes (5 bar LCD)
Communications: SMBus (System Management Bus)
Data system: SBS (Smart Battery Specification)
CE compliant: Yes
UN 38.3 (transportation) certified: Yes
UL 2054 (safety) certified: No
IEC 62133 (safety) certified?: Yes (2nd edition)
UL 62133 (safety) certified?: Yes

◾ Latest Lithium Ion technology
◾ CMX 'P' series - optimised for capacity and power
◾ 15A or 330W continuous discharge capability
◾ SBS Rev1.1 compliant, impedance tracking fuel gauge
◾ Active protection circuitry (OV, UV, OC, SC + 2nd OV)
◾ LCD visual state of charge bar graph indicator
◾ Redundant passive over-current protection
◾ D-Sub 7W2S mixed power/signal connector
◾ Tough, easily cleaned plastic casing
◾ IEC 62133:2012 and UL 62133 (safety) compliant
◾ UN ST/SG/AC.10/11/Rev5 (transportation) compliant
◾ 2004/108/EC (EMC/ESD) compliant

  • Common applications include...
  • ◾ Acute ventilators
  • ◾ Dialysis machines
  • ◾ Anaesthesia workstations
  • ◾ Intra-oral scanners
  • ◾ Security devices
  • ◾ Robots & Robotic applications
CMX820P data sheet 06/2016 CMX820P data sheet 06/2016
CMX820P technical specification Rev2.0 CMX820P technical specification Rev2.0
CMX820P UN 38.3 Test Summary Issue 1 CMX820P UN 38.3 Test Summary Issue 1
CMX820P IEC62133:2012 CB certificate CMX820P IEC62133:2012 CB certificate
CMX820P UL62133 certificate CMX820P UL62133 certificate
CMX820P safety data sheet V2 130221 CMX820P safety data sheet V2 130221
CMX820P UN transportation certificate CMX820P UN transportation certificate
Brochure - Batteries for Robotics Brochure - Batteries for Robotics - Innovative power solutions for stationary & mobile Robots from Accutronics & Ultralife
Product 1 - 11 12 - 23  
CMX810M £294.87 £259.87 View

28.8V 2.55Ah (73.4Wh) Lithium Ion Battery (10A capable)


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