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Embeddable Single Channel Charger for CMX series batteries

50ABB002 is PCBA level charging module which has been designed to offer single channel smart charging of a single CMX series battery at currents up to 2512mA. An I2C interface allows host control of the charger and for the host to interrogate the battery. Up to eight charger modules can be integrated into a system as each has its own programmable I2C address. Each charger module can have both its charging voltage and current programmed by the host device, offering increased flexibility. The charger has a footprint of just 120mm x 60mm and weighs <74g, allowing it to be easily designed into OEM devices with minimal effort.

The 50ABB002 is available off the shelf or can be customised to suit a particular OEM requirement. Customisation includes software set-up. The 50ABB002 can also be used as a platform for charging other smart batteries, reducing NRE charges and getting you to market faster. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

As the 50ABB002 is a PCB level product is it strongly advised that customers who are in a development phase also purchase the EVAL008 Evaluation PCBA which provides a quick and easy way to connect power, signals and a battery to the 50ABB002 charger board.

Stock Available

Product       Qty
50ABB002   £185.31
Product 1 - 11 12 - 23  
EVAL008 £126.14  

Evaluation PCBA for 50ABB002 Charger

Length: 120.0mm (nominal)
Width: 60.0mm (nominal)
Height: 26.0mm (nominal)
Weight (including accessories if supplied): 0.074Kg (typical)
Calibrating feature included?: No

Please fill content on long description for Embeddable Single Channel Charger for CMX series batteries using control panel.

  • The 50ABB002 works with CMX series batteries.
50ABB002 technical specification v3 50ABB002 technical specification v3

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